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Agustí Fernández: Iridescències

Listen to a sample of the recording of Irodescències by Miquel Bernat

Introduction by the composer Agustí Fernández

Iridescències is a marimba study based on a rhythm repeated throughout the work without many variations. This rhythmic figure is driven by a harmonic sequence that spans three octaves of the instrument. The study focuses on clarity and speed of execution. There are no dynamic changes. nor is there any development, only a displacement from the high to the low register. The title Iridescències is intended to suggest the small chromatic variations produced by the waves of a calm sea. The work is dedicated to Miquel Bernat, who commissioned it.

Interpretation by Miquel Bernat

The piece has a fast repetitive motif that descends in a cascade. Every time this motif reaches the lowest octave, it undergoes a slight transformation or metamorphosis that progressively generates a richer harmonic flow without abandoning the initial rhythmic pattern. The motifs consist of rather continuous notes that demand small but quick displacements of the mallets. However, on some occasions this requires considerable movement of the arms, and this is one of the most difficult aspects of this work because the vertiginous speed must be maintained while changing notes and also keeping the dynamics soft at the same time.

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