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César Camarero: Precipitaciones

Listen to a sample of the recording of Precipitaciones by Miquel Bernat

Introduction by the composer César Camarero

This work was written in 2008 for Miquel Bernat. It is a continuation of my research into poly-rhythms with a common micro-beat, which started with works such as Estratos for sax and four percussions, and Campos Magnéticos for solo percussion and chamber orchestra (both written for Miquel Bernat). This research continued with Vanishing Point (2010) for two solo percussions and orchestra. the title Precipitaciones refers not so much to a musical metaphor for rain but rather to the agitato character of the composition, music that is always moving forward precipitously.

Interpretation by Miquel Bernat

The piece should be performed with a sense of urgency and haste. Several of the sections in this work are melodic lines with long, rapid intervals which demand constant movement over the full range of the instrument: this is one of the major challenges of this work and, in my opinion, one of the greatest technical difficulties posed by the instrument. The first section is a good example, with the challenge consisting of combining this shifting technique with a series of equidistant chords.

Throughout the work, elements of periodicity and identity often appear and must be well played to structure the timing of work. A good example of this is the section in which eighth notes are related to eight different dynamic markings (from ppp to fff), and eight periodicities. When, at some point, the eight different notes are concentrated into a “B” only (while retaining the parameters of eight dynamics and eight periodicities), this gives the impression that the notes/heights are sustained by an effect of auditory habituation.

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