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Santiago Lanchares: Estudio en haiku

Listen to a sample of the recording of Estudio en haiku by Miquel Bernat

Introduction by the composer Santiago Lanchares

Written at the request of Miquel Bernat, to whom it is dedicated, this is a brief study of rhythm in fast, accentuated tempo, where a continuous movement of semiquavers deploys a variety of rhythmic motifs all based on a group of six notes presented in different arrangements. It consists of three sections whose order vaguely recalls the classical scheme of exposition, development and re-exposition.

Interpretation by Miquel Bernat

This first miniature work, the only one in the collection, is intended for two mallets. As tender and fragile as it is direct and expressive, this music requires a relaxed, warm touch so as not to detract from the quality of the sound, even when playing the fast parts and the accented notes, or when the dynamics rise to ff. Be careful with the different articulations, “legatos”, accents and marcatos, which should be played subtly. In the cd accompanying this book there are two versions of this work with two different types of mallet.

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