Improving the practice and performance of contemporary music

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Mission Statement

The large diversity in compositional styles and currents and the possibilities of applied technology in the contemporary compositional process often lead to very complex musical processes and scores. This complexity and diversity demands a highly adapted and specialized method of study from the performer, not only in its theoretical background, but also and especially in its practical application. Living Scores Learn (LS Learn) innovates the practice and performance of contemporary music by developing and improving the accessibility of tailor-made study trajectories and creative methods to various pieces. LS Learn exploits technical possibilities by developing specific tools to support the study trajectories and by constructing a digital platform which presents the trajectories and encourages interaction between different performers.

The goal of LS Learn is lowering the threshold to perform contemporary music for students and performers by enhancing the efficiency and output of the studying process. Preparatory research by Tom De Cock shows that alternative studying trajectories lead to a gain in time of up to 6 months. LS Learn consolidates and formalizes these existing studying trajectories, develops new trajectories and creative methods, and makes all this knowledge easily accessible for further research. In this way, LS Learn leads to an innovative and interactive learning strategy for the Flemish and international conservatories and functions as a supporting platform for the current artistic practice. It wants to help the development of Computer Assisted Practice by encouraging the use of technology and wants to stimulate innovation in musical practice.

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