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Loops IV

text written spring 2014 by Tom De Cock and Vincent Caers

General information

  • marimba solo
  • duration 8'
  • written for the 'festival Aujourd’hui Musiques de Perpignan'
  • written in 2004-05
  • published by Editions Henry Lemoine 28 309 H.L.

Loops IV not only returns to a main motif, but also mirrors periods of transformations to further develop the loops-process. In this way, a more circular structure is built around a motif in the middle of the second loop. The return of specific instrumental characteristics in the composition - the use of rolls on the marimba - further accentuates this circular idea

Within each loop, smaller loops exist to develop the different transformations. The periods in these smaller loops often overlap: regressive transformations for a specific parameter can continue for some measures while another parameter has already changed into an constructive transformation and vice versa. The image below shows an overall structural plan of the composition. A detailed structure is provided on this page.

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