Improving the practice and performance of contemporary music

Level Subdivisions

I categorized the 17 pieces of ‘For Times to Come’ into three rehearsal ‘levels’:
  • The first level could be seen as a collection of preparatory exercises to get used to the idiom of Intuitive Music and to get to know eachother musically and personally.
  • The level of abstraction becomes higher towards the third category.
  • I advise to rehearse the pieces in this order and, after having scanned the possibilities of each level, to make a group choice of what pieces you will perform at the actual concert.

Beginner Level

Verlängerung - Verkürzung - Interval - Harmonie - Wellen - Vorahnung

Advanced Level

Ubereinstimmung - Kommunikation - Ausserhalb - Innerhalb - Spektren - Zugvogel

Guru Level

Uber die Grenze - Schwingung - Japan - Wach - Ceylon